How do we invest

Our team strive to learn about exclusive drops before their release by actively participating in the NFT community and multi-platform social media engagement.

Our team takes an analytical approach including analysis based on the rarity of traits, focusing on unique content and scarcity in properties as value drivers.

Our team may use machine learning to formulate pricing and valuation models for NFTs by studying transaction data off the blockchain. We can divide our investment in NFT into 3 categories.

NFT 1.0 In Digital Art & Collectibles

Displaying NFTs as digital art.

Collecting NFTs created by popular artists.

Trading NFTs as collectibles on the open market.

Trading NFT ETF.

NFT 2.0 In the Metaverse

Interacting with NFTs in AR/VR.

Unlocking exclusive content or access to games using NFTs.

Using NFTs as avatars or items in the metaverse.

NFT 3.0 In DeFi and Web 3.0

Trading and Using NFTs in Web 3.0 protocols.

Trading Fractional NFT.

Holding NFTs staked with DeFi-enabled ERC20 tokens to generate yield over time.

Using NFTs as collateral to take out loans on DeFi protocols.

Staking NFTs in liquidity pools to create tradeable NFT derivatives.

Our Product: NFTours earning cards

Silver earning card

$300 for each card

0.5% daily

30 Days Duration

Daily instant withdrawal

1 ticket to open Silver Mystery Box for every 10 Silver earning card

Gold earning card

$1,000 for each card

0.7% daily

45 Days Duration

Daily instant withdrawal

1 ticket to open Gold Mystery Box for every 5 Gold earning card

Platinum earning card

$5,000 for each card

0.8% daily

60 Days Duration

Daily instant withdrawal

1 ticket to open Platinum Mystery Box for every 3 Platinum earning card

Diamond earning card

$10,000 for each card

1.0% daily

90 Days Duration

Daily instant withdrawal

1 ticket to open Diamond Mystery Box for every Diamond earning card

Key Features & Benefits

High Reliability

We are trusted by a huge number of people. We are working hard constantly to improve the level of our security system and minimize possible risks.

Intuitive Interface

We reduced complexity to a minimum and created an intuitive front-end to provide the best user experience. You can focus on managing your digital assets while we take care of the rest.

Secure Solution

As people obsessed with security, we ensure that your investments are always protected by the highest security standards while being accessible at all times.

Safe and Secure

Offline storage We combine cold storage, multi-signature encrypted wallets and MPC technology with leading global custody partners.

CeFi and DeFi

We combine the benefits of CeFi and DeFi. CeFi and DeFi models can create a more exciting scope for users and help users get the best benefits, at the same time, minimize the risks.

Continuous Growth

NFTours Fund's Team work day and night seamlessly to ensure the pool of funds keep growing. The users can deposit/withdraw capital, generate rewards, and create passive income. It is very simple and easy to use.

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