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A Finder’s panel of fintech experts predicted that the NFT market cap will reach $26 billion by the end of 2022 and will balloon to $146 billion by 2025. There are a lot of industries rife with NFT investing opportunity such as Art & Collectibles, Gaming, Music, Entertainment, Real estate, Intellectual Property and Health. This surprisingly has opened up a completely new market for investors that are not centered around coins, but on unique assets on a blockchain. However, there is a lot of obstacles for individual to be profitable in NFT such as high floor price in some NFT projects which make it unaffordable for small investors, keeping an complete overview of your assets does become harder with the rise of the NFT culture. Instead of tracking the price of cryptocurrencies, you now need to track the value of a single non fungible token (NFT) that you eye on.

With all the above, We, NFTours Funds aim to be the bridge between traditional asset management and cutting edge technology behind NFT and blockchain, make investing in NFT simple and accessible for individual investor. We own a diversified portfolio of expertly vetted works curated by our industry-leading expert team. Our vision is to bring innovative people, smart capital and ideas together to help our investors unlock the potential of NFT.
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Arnault Antonie

Chief Executive Officer

Mason Charlotte

Chief Strategy Officer

Adalynn Sun

Chief Financial Officer

Oliver Thompson

Trade Analyst