First you will need to have a non-custodial wallet like Metamask, Trust wallet, Safe Pal, Coinbase wallet or any non-custodial wallet that support ERC20 chain. This means you will have sole control of your funds. And click on “Launch App” button on our homepage menu to connect to our NFTours funds app.

You need to fund your wallet with Tether (USDT) in ERC20 and you will also need some small amount of Ethereum to use as a gas fees.

You can choose the earning card you would like to buy with USDT and click confirm staking. Each card has different prices, staking duration and benefits.

Yes, you can. After staking duration of your earning card has expired, you can choose to continue staking to earn benefits or you can sell it at the exact amount you have bought it.

You can withdraw your benefits anytime you would like to with a withdrawal fee of 2 USDT for every transaction.

When you purchase a sufficient number of earning cards. You can apply to become a collector, and you can get additional income according to the level of the collector. Collectors are divided into three levels: Novice collectors, Proficient collectors, and Expert collectors

Novice Collector holds 5 of each income card to qualify as a collector, and get 0.2% plus of all products daily.

Proficient Collector holds 15 of each income card to qualify as a Proficient collector, and get 0.4% plus of all products daily.

Expert Collector holds 30 of each income card to qualify as an Expert collector, and get 0.6% plus of all products daily.